What am I seeing?

All the parcels above are tokens tracked by a smart contract living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token represents 100 pixels, displayed as 10 x 10 pixels parcels. Using an instance of Metamask connected to the Ethereum main network, you can acquire a parcel and change the colors of its pixels, its description, or its target link.

What's the point of it?

This project is first of all a tutorial destined to show newcomers how to develop a real MVP on the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, it's meant to show the difference between a classic, centralized application, and a decentralized one. Want to learn more? Head to the FAQ!

How can I participate?

Start by clicking on a parcel in the top of this page, and a modal will show up, offering you to acquire the parcel. After acquiring the parcel, you'll be offered to change its colors, description, or link. Make sure that MetaMask is connected to the main network, and an account is unlocked!